Spiral systems

Spiral conveyor systems for bread proofing and cooling

A spiral conveyor is the ideal solution for cooling bakery products before the slicing and packaging process, additionally it works as a buffer storage between the oven and the packaging machine. Ipeka uses reliable components and high quality assembly to manufacture spiral coolers and conveyors specially designed to meet your requirements. The dimensions of the cooling systems are based on oven capacity as well as on the room height availability. Cooling of the products in ambient temperature is most desirable. Natural cooling instead of forced cooling is preferred in order to maintain the specific characteristics of the product before the packaging process. In addition to cooling we also deliver spiral conveyor systems for proofing and freezing.

Packed bread in bags


Accessories & supplies

Spiral systems can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Belt washer
Insulated room
Paddle feeder


Spiral systems can be complemented with the other machines from the bakery process:

Masterslicer 1W

Slicer for various bread types

The most sold model in our range of slicers. Masterslicer 1W — is a versatile, high-performance bread slicing machine ready to handle every modern-day bakery tempo.

Masterslicer 2R

Slicer for extra heavy bread

Heavy-duty industrial bread slicer, suitable for all sorts of bread, including hard-crust, thick rye bread, and other particularly demanding products like gluten-free bread.

Masterslicer 1A

Bread slicer with adjustable slice thickness

Masterslicer 1A is an excellent choice for bakeries that produce bread at various slice thicknesses daily.


Automatic bread packaging machine

Powerful automatic bagger with clipband closure capability suitable for sliced, whole or half loaf bagging, pita bread and various other bakery products. Loafmaster combines the latest, state-of-the-art advances in automation technology.


Packaging machine for bread rolls, buns and similar bakery products

Fully automatic Countpack system is equipped with an elevator conveyor, multilane counting unit and bagging unit. Rolls or similar small bakery products can be imported into the counter directly from the production line, or through the elevator conveyor.


Hinge cut bun slicer

Designed for specific needs, our Discslicer blade cutter allows, for example rolls and bread, to be cut so that the edge remains intact. Available in single, double or four lane versions.


Horizontal bread slicer

Multi-purpose horizontal band blade bread-cutter. It splits, for example, small rye breads, burger buns and certain types of pita bread.


Burger bun slicer with two blades

Advanced horizontal slicer for burger buns containing two band blade units. The system enables programmable presets for single or dual cut buns and the cutting height can be saved in the preset as well.


Stacking system for small breads

Solution for aligning, stacking and feeding flatbread product flow to a packaging machine.