Hinge cut bun slicer

Designed for specific needs, our Discslicer blade cutter allows, for example rolls and bread, to be cut so that the edge remains intact. Available in single, double or four lane versions. With the double row model it is possible to cut the roll so that either side or the middle remain uncut. Conveyor and blade height can be infinitely adjusted, as well as the depth of cut. The minimum height of bread is 30 mm and the maximum height is 120 mm. If you want to split the bread completely, it is also possible with Discslicer, however for that particular use we recommend Ipeka Splitter2 or Splitter-B, depending on the type of bread.


Disc blade slicer for buns and baquettes

Adjustable cutting depth enables hinge cut

Fully stainless steel structure

1‑lane, 2‑lane and 4‑lane version available


Accessories & supplies

Discslicer can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Ipeka horizontal bread slicing equipment

We manufacture broad range of horizontal bread slicing machines:


Horizontal bread slicer


Burger bun slicer with two blades