Horizontal bread slicer

In the recent years, the most popular of our horizontal slicers has become the multi-purpose band blade bread-cutting device Splitter-B. It splits, for example, small rye breads, burger buns and certain types of pita bread. The Splitter-B is equipped with a height-adjustable blade and an upper conveyor so that the split bread height can be adjusted from 10 to 40mm. Products are driven through the device in two rows. With constant product flow it can achieve up to 14 000/hour capacity. Post-processing and packaging after the Splitter-B are easy when bread is split precisely and halves are accurately overlapping. If you are looking for a device for slicing burger buns in three layers, please check out our Splitter-B2.


Horizontal slicer with band blade for whole cut

For buns, pitas and any other small breads

Product fed to slicer in two rows

Blade oiling allows for rye bread slicing

Cutting capacity of up to 14 000 units per hour

Simple height adjustment and cleaning

360° preview


Accessories & supplies

Splitter-B can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Blade lubrication system

Ipeka horizontal bread slicing equipment

We manufacture broad range of horizontal bread slicing machines:


Burger bun slicer with two blades


Hinge cut bun slicer