Automatic bread packaging machine

Powerful automatic packaging machine with clipband closure capability suitable for sliced, whole/half loaf bagging, pita bread and for other various bakery products. Ipeka has been manufacturing packaging machines for bakeries since the 1970s and automatic MasterSlicer slicing lines for over 20 years. In year 2011 we launched a Loafmaster bagging machine that combines the latest, state-of-the-art advances in automation technology. We are pleased to offer a complete automatic bread slicing and packaging solution. The optimal Loafmaster operating speed depends on the product being packaged, and in most cases is around 35–40 bags per minute.

Usability has been raised to an entirely new level:

  • Product settings can be stored in memory, with automatic setting use
  • Front access opening is secured via light curtain, with no need for shutters
  • Slice collapse has been prevented with an unique air flow system
  • Absolute sensors on the servo motors, eliminating slow reference runs


Fully automatic bread bagging machine with clipband closure

For sliced bread or whole loaves,
plastic and paper bags

Servo run system, mechanical capacity 50 strokes/min

Automatic bag magazine
included as standard

Automatic product adjustments
included as standard

Unique airflow system to support sliced bread


Accessories & supplies

Loafmaster can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Kortho™ M40 marking unit
Markoprint iJet™ inkjet printer
Tosibox® Lock 100
remote access device

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