Packaging machine for bread rolls, buns and similar bakery products

Fully automatic Countpack system is equipped with an elevator conveyor, multilane counting unit, and bagging unit. Rolls or similar small bakery products can be imported into the counter directly from the production line, or through the elevator conveyor. The entire device is designed according to capacity requirements, the basic counter version is a five-row model and dose counting based on a unique combination of a vibrating conveyor and a set of drop-down hatches. The bagger is a servo operated four-piece rotating chamber, where the various stages of packaging (bag application, products delivery and clipband closure) take place simultaneously at different points. A linear principle is employed to ensure the efficiency of the equipment and trouble-free operation, thanks to a lack of back and forth movements. Countpack’s bagging speed reaches up to 30 bags per minute.


Clipband closure
for pre-made plastic bags

Counting and bagging system
for buns and rolls

Maximum capacity —
30 bags per minute

Elevator conveyor, counter and carousel bagger

Bag magazine for 500–1000 bags; easy to add

Date marking device
available as option


Countpack equipment is available in different versions according to your needs:


Integrated counting and bagging
with clipband closure


Bagging machine separately;
clipband closure


Counting machine separately,
without the packaging machine

Counter & VFFS

Counting machine combined with
vertical form, fill and seal machine


Accessories & supplies

Countpack can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Kortho™ M40 marking unit
Markoprint iJet™ inkjet printer
Tosibox® Lock 100
remote access device

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