Masterslicer E

Slicer for white bread

Efficient bread slicer machine with basic functionality. Masterslicer E is a perfect entry-level industrial device, especially designed to slice through white and other non-sticky soft breads. The slicer is equipped with powered infeed and outfeed conveyors for continuous slicing. Masterslicer E is a trustworthy and reliable piece of machinery, capable of delivering outstanding and smooth performance through constant use.

All our Masterslicer range bread slicers can be equipped with an outlet belt conveyor when connected to a semi-automatic bagging machine like Packmaster, or a synchronizing pin conveyor, if combined with fully automatic Loafmaster bagging machine.

Packed bread in bags


Efficient band slicer with affordable price

Handles up to 40 bread loaves per minute

For white and other non-sticky breads

Powered infeed and outfeed conveyors

User-friendly touch screen interface

Blade length 163 inches,
main motor power — 4kW

360° preview


Accessories & supplies

Masterslicer E can be supplemented with various additional accessories:

Infeed roller slider
Blade lubrication system
Paddle feeder
UV-C lamps

Ipeka vertical bread slicing equipment

We manufacture broad range of vertical bread slicing machines:

Masterslicer 1W

Slicer for various bread types

Masterslicer 1A

Bread slicer with adjustable slice thickness

Masterslicer 2R

Slicer for extra heavy bread