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Stacking system for small breads

Different small sized flat breads – often made of rye flour – are one of the most popular bakery products in Finland. The Multi-Pack looks attractive when the products inside are in good order. Breads arrangement and the formation of bundles required a lot of heavy manual labour. When flat bread production line speeds increased and the hand-made ​​stacking was no longer possible nor meaningful, Ipeka developed for this purpose the Stackmaster hardware. It includes a two-speed table arrangement, which adjusts and distributes the product stream into two channels for a special counting device. After counting the bundles are formed and fed to an automatic packaging machine. The stack size is selectable on the touch screen. The basic equipment has a capacity of 12,000 bread pieces per hour, and twin-line deals with as many as 20,000 pieces per hour.

  • Ipeka Automation Oy
  • Palokuja 1,
  • 37800 Akaa
  • Finland