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Splitter 2

Splitting device for rye bread

When you need an efficient, reliable, easy to maintain and compact rye bread splitter, the choice is Splitter2. This is a tear-apart type splitting unit that results jagged cut, traditional in Finnish type of Rye Bread. Our Splitter2's reliable functions are based on our unique simple and effective technical solutions, which means it is also affordable and easy to clean. Splitter2 is the best-selling Ipeka splitting device, and it is still the best option for many thin rye breads, especially for wide diameter flat rye bread. With constant product flow it can achieve up to 14,000/hour capacity. Post-processing and packaging after the Splitter2 are easy when bread is split precisely and halves are accurately overlapping. If you are looking for a device for splitting various breads with different heights, please check also our Splitter-B.

  • Tear-apart type reciprocating blade slicer
  • Designed especially for flat rye bread
  • Traditional rough cutting surface
  • Capacity of up to 14.000 cuts per hour
  • Ipeka Automation Oy
  • Palokuja 1,
  • 37800 Akaa
  • Finland