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Paper bagging machine

Paper bag use has been on the rise due to popularity among consumers in recent years. Paperbagger is an automated system for small rolls or similar bakery products for packing in a vertical stand-up flat bottom paper bag. Products can be fed from the counting device directly into the packaging machine, and after the filling of the bag with products the bag is folded and sealed with the application of spot glue. The result is an elegant and impressive packaging, which is particularly suitable for premium products. The basic version has a capacity of 17 bags per minute, the two-line double-model has a 30 bags per minute capacity. The bag magazine device is designed so that the packaging operation does not need to stop while bags are being added.

  • Bagging to stand-up flat bottom paper bags
  • Paper bags sealed by folding and point gluing
  • Capacity of up to 17 (1-lane) or 30 (2-lane) bags per minute
  • Automatic bag magazine, bags can be added without a break
  • Maximum bag size 340×120×180mm (H×W×L)
  • Normally combined with a counter or other filling device
  • Ipeka Automation Oy
  • Palokuja 1,
  • 37800 Akaa
  • Finland