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Bread packaging machine

PackMaster is a packing machine where the bag is opened on an airflow table, the user inserts the bread in the bag and the conveyor transports it to the clip closer. Ideal for packaging sliced ​​bread, an unbeatable combination when combined with the MasterSlicer. Packmaster’s most popular version is equipped with two airflow bag opening tables, which allows two operators to work at the same time. Alternatively, there is also a single operator model, which has the advantage of a compact size. An optional brush unit and air removal unit are available which will help with solidity, and the formation of packaging. Packmaster’s maximum speed by a practiced operator is 45 bags per minute. This packaging machine has quickly achieved great popularity and this equipment has been delivered all over the world.

  • Semi-automatic packaging machine with clip closing
  • Whole or sliced bread loaves, combined with MasterSlicer
  • One or two bag opening tables – for one or two operators
  • Date marking, brush aligning and vacuum unit as option
  • Capacity of up to 45 bags per minute with two operators
  • Easy to maintain, designed for heavy duty operation
  • Ipeka Automation Oy
  • Palokuja 1,
  • 37800 Akaa
  • Finland