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MasterSlicer 1A

Slicer with adjustable slice thickness

First time ever a high performance industrial band slicer has an ability to seamlessly vary thickness of a bread slices. Patented technology used in MasterSlicer 1A allows to alter blades in 10-15.5mm or 11-17 mm range, and can handle bread loaves of all types and consistencies. Slice thickness is selected from the touch screen and the whole function is fully automatic, including load sensor controlled blade tensioning. It is true to say that MasterSlicer 1A is beneficial for any modern bakery where speed and flexibility are of a priority.

All our MasterSlicer range bread slicers can be equipped with an outlet belt conveyor when connected to, for example, a semi-automatic PackMaster packing machine, or a synchronizing pin conveyor if combined with Loafmaster or any other fully-automatic packing machine.

  • High performance industrial band slicer
  • Automatic slice thickness change
  • Adjustment range: 10–15.5mm or 11–17mm
  • User-friendly touch screen interface
  • Firm blade support, handles all bread types
  • Blade length 163 inches, main motor 5,5kW

We manufacture broad range of industrial bread slicers:

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