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High capacity counting device

When small sized bakery products like rolls and pies are packed at high capacity in multi-packs, the batch is usually dosed with a multi-head weigher. However, a multi-head device is only suitable for small products, and does not apply for large bread rolls. On the other hand, multi-pack batch dosing can prioritize quantity over weight. For this reason, we at Ipeka developed Counter12 — the counting device with a high speed, quantity-based, multi-pack dosing.

Machine structure and components are stainless steel and cleanability was one of our main focus points of the design. Counting is performed via vibrating channels, laser photocells and a unique innovation of our engineers — “Catch-flaps” that is activated when the defined batch is full, allowing continuous and smooth operation. Counting capacity is up to 30,000 units per hour, depending on the batch size and product features. Counter12 is also suitable for frozen products.

Counter12 consists of two six-channel counting devices, both concluding with an intermediate funnel equipped with a drop-down flap that releases batches further to the packaging machine. We recommend high-quality Italian VFFS machine brand Martini, for a perfect pair with Ipeka's Counter12.

  • Accurate laser photocell counting
  • Stainless steel design
  • Unique “Catch-flaps” technology
  • Suitable for frozen products
  • 20,000 – 30,000 units per hour
  • Ipeka Automation Oy
  • Palokuja 1,
  • 37800 Akaa
  • Finland