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Highest quality technology for your bakery

Ipeka is a traditional Finnish manufacturer of high-end professional bakery equipment. Our company began operations in the late 1970s and our first products were bread bagging machines and sourdough fermentation tanks. During the following decade we broadened our range to both food industry machines for an extended range and equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.

The first MasterSlicer bread slicer was launched in 1989 and since then Ipeka has, on an annual basis, launched new devices and innovations in the field of bread slicing as well as in cutting of various bakery products. Since 1990s we have decided to fully concentrate our product development towards industrial baking automation. As a result, Ipeka has started to provide an extensive line of modules, including spiral cooling systems and fermentation process systems for sourdough.

Ipeka’s export trade began in the early 80s, but our real international appeal began with our MasterSlicer collection line. Currently our Finnish-designed and manufactured Ipeka devices are used in 40 countries, across five continents, and our market area continues to expand from year to year. Our most important export products are now clearly our automatic bread slicing and packaging lines.

Dun & Bradstreet credit worthiness classification №1
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